orn in Berlin in 1989 as a child of two healthcare workers she begins to play the violin at the age of six.  During her school years she  takes part in several orchestras giving concerts in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Israel. By the age of 15 she discovers her passion for jazz music. While playing Musicals like „Evita“, „Jeckyll and Hyde“ and „My Fair Lady“ at the Theater der Altmark in Stendal, she meets THE jazz musicians who are responsible for everything that is supposed to happen for the next 10 years.



With jazz guitarist Philipp Wiechert she is founding the Modern Gypsy-Swing Band „Friling“ and the „HOTrio“ in 2010. Not only does she play the violin in both groups but also starts writing and singing her own songs. At the same time she begins to study classical violin at the University of Music „Franz Liszt“ in Weimar.

Although she always loved playing in an orchestra, Linda is mesmerized by the freedom that jazz music seem to offer her. She takes every chance she gets to hang out with the jazz musicians in Weimar and  takes part in several projects and concerts. It doesn´t matter wether she´s playing the violin, singing or wether she´s writing and composing- she is always doing it with honest expression and great creativity coming right from her heart.

Very soon she realizes that writing her own music is becoming a very important part of her work. She also starts taking singing classes with jazz singer Pascal von Wroblewsky in Berlin.


During the Weimar Years she finds herself seduced by that „mysterious“ thing called jazz. Many times she is willing to give in. Willing to abandon herself to that jazz and to give up the hard classical studies. But due to her obstinacy on the one hand and her sense and sensibility to deal with a variety of influences on the other hand, she manages to hold on to basic necessity.

Despite strong emotions and the traditional opinion that says one can not and must not combine classical music and jazz on a high level at the same time, she continues to augment more and more colors to her musical picture.
The lyrics of the song „What´s With That Jazz“ which she writes with Friling in 2014 perfectly describe her inner conflict. A woman in between: The caring husband, the classical music on the one hand and the thrilling lover, jazz music on the other hand. This song takes part of the studio album „The Mighty Monsieur Moustache“ by Friling and was also released as a music video in 2015.

"My whole live I´ve been such a good girl now I´m bad ´cause he treats me so well. "


"What´s With That Jazz", Lyrics by Linda Gossmann, Music by Friling

2015 offers new perspectives for Linda. She is successfully finishing her Bachelor degree at the University of Music „Franz Liszt“ in Weimar and decides to leave her band „Friling“ to discover new and different musical ways.
She works as a violin teacher in Berlin and becomes a tutor of the „Symphonic Music School Orchestra Sachsen-Anhalt“ where she was making her first orchestral experiences back then in her childhood.

She also works as a arranger and guest musician with several bands.
After she was booked as a violinist for studio productions several times she decides to make make a virtue out of necessity: Producers were searching for string players all the time and so she puts up the „STUDIO CAT QUARTET“. A string quartet  which is specialized for studio productions and live concerts with bands.

 When she first came to Weimar, she instantly knew: just being the one who interprets music wouldn´t be enough for her. She also needs to express herself with her very own words and music. Although she loves playing in an orchestra and working as a guest musician for other  bands - the overwhelming wish to make something on her own and finally bring it to the stage has always been unbreakable.


Linda lives in her home town Berlin and published her first solo album "Coraco Lutador" in 2018.


iolin teachers:

Alexander Ramm, Ulrike Röhrle, Prof. Gernot Süßmuth, Prof. Heinz Schunk, Prof. Ilya Konovalov, Florian Mayer, Sebastian Reimann

Linda took singing classes with:
Pascal von Wroblewsky, Sandra Schettler,

Linda took piano lessons with:
Elke Schrepel, Jairo Geronymo, Irina Jacobson

Linda worked for:

  • Berlin Cosmopolitan School (Primary School Music & Violin Teacher)

  • Rosa-Luxemburg Gymnasium (Enrichment - Kurse Violine)

  • Sinfonisches Musikschulorchester Sachsen-Anhalt (Tutor for 2end Violins)

Linda worked with:

  • Friling (Studioalbum „The Mighty Monsieur Moustache“, Release 2014),

  • Revolverheld,

  • Kwabs (Produktion: „Walk“, Acoustic Version),

  • Holler My Dear (Studioalbum „Eat, Drink And Be Merry“, Song „Names“),

  • Jeff Cascaro,

  • Pascal von Wroblewksy,

  • ORPH (Studioproduktion und Musikvideo für „Black Sunday Romance“),

  • The Magic Touch (Project „Dub With A Differents)

  • Kammerorchester der Leo Kestenberg Musikschule

  • Jugendkammerorchester Prenzlauer Berg

  • Sinfonisches Musikschulorchester Sachsen-Anhalt

  • Sinfónica Eduardo Fabini Minas Uruguay

  • Orquesta Juvenil de Villa Lugano Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Givatayim Conservatory corporated Orchestra, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Sinfonieorchester der Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar



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