Private Violin Lessons



on´t you worry, I got your back!

earning an instrument provides you with the abilty to focus, to see progress over a long period of time, with work ethics and with the ability to express yourself.


​started teaching violin during my Bachelor studies at Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar. It is very important and also helpful for me to remember the time when I was learning violin. Since I can really understand the students problems and needs I can provide a individual education for each and every student. Everybody is different and every child is a different type of learner but with the right education, with joyful playing and with the strong belief of a teacher I truly believe that everybody is able to learn an instrument!

​I was working as a music and violin/orchestra teacher for primary school at Berlin Cosmopolitan School Berlin and was teaching beginner violin groups at Rosa - Luxemburg Gymnasium Berlin.


Currently, I am teaching violin on all levels. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am also offering online lessons via skype.

​Besides giving private violin lessons I also work as a tutor for second violins of "Symphonic Music School Orchestra - Sachsen-Anhalt"






usic makes you happy, improves your intellect and makes you a better person. It helps you to be confident and leading but at the same time it´s all about teamwork.

I want to give this possibility to all my students. Even if they have private lessons I train them to play together and in concerts we play also in chamber music groups.

I am offering a "String Ensemble" for beginner and advanced children and the goal of this project is to not only play classical music but combine it with latin and jazz music. From time to time professional musicians will join the kids especially when we give concerts.




Adult Beginners

t is never to late to learn an instrument! Don´t let anybody tell you that you are too old.It doesn´t matter if you just discovered your love for violin or you finally want to fulfill your dream to learn an instrument - the only thing you should do now is to start! We will slowly start with the basic technic and then move on to the music YOU want to play. Classical music, songs of your favorite band or jazz.



e start right from where you are right now.

Pre school children will learn the violin in a joyful way combined with games, fantasy and a lot of singing.


All students will learn the basic repertoire and technical skills to play the violin.

Soon they will have a large repertoire in many different styles of music such as classical violin concertos, Tango, Popsongs, Children´s Songs, World Music and even improvising on jazz standards.

It is very important to play together and so the students will always have the possibility to be accompained by the teacher either on violin or guitar and piano.

For practicing at home and during holidays, I provide the students with playbacks and play alongs.


Online Lessons

ue to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, I am offering online lessons via skype.

Music sheets will be send to you per E-Mail and post. In emergency situations such as a broken string or a violin completely out of tune, we can meet outside and I will fix it. Of course with face mask and desinfected hands.



 teach in German and English


Usually the lessons will take place at my rooms in Berlin:
Berlin Cosmopolitan School

Rückerstrasse 9

10119 Berlin-Mitte

U8 Rosenthaler Platz

U2 Rosa-Luxemburg Platz​



LInda Gossmann

Waldenserstrasse 22

10551 Berlin

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